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Growthatfood.com is our own personal website. We do the writing and editing ourselves, Grow That Food, except in cases where we have a guest poster and it is clearly noted. We have started this website because of our passion for gardening and growing food.

We started this website so that those who have a desire to learn about gardening can gain some knowledge from what we share. It does take time and money (illustrations, design, images, review materials, etc.) to create this website and we do accept some compensation from affiliate programs and advertising.

Accepting compensation in no affects my opinions and how we write the reviews and articles for this website. If we were swayed it would ruin all interest in the reason why we started Growthatfood.com. We would be doing a disservice to all those who come here for information on gardening and growing their own food.

With the above being stated we want our visitors to know that most of this websites outgoing links are part of an affiliate program. If you click on an advertisement and it brings you to a website selling that product it is an affiliate link. If you make a purchase after following the link then we will be compensated with a portion of the price you paid for the product.

All compensation goes to support this website.

Never will you pay more for a product because you are buying through one of my affiliate links. The compensation we earn is paid by the sellers out of their normal pricing. In many cases, you may pay less through my links because we always try to make special arrangements with the seller.

Most of the programs we review offer some type of affiliate program. We choose to participate in a large majority of these programs. We are some of the few people who will actually give a negative review if we do not see value in the product.

**If you do not wish to support this website in this manner then please do not click on any outgoing links. **

To help our visitors understand the relationships we have with affiliate programs and companies we deal with please read the following.

We take pride in giving honest reviews for the benefit of my friends and visitors.


For the products that we mention and review and are available on Amazon we will include the direct link to the pages. If you decide to buy the product we may receive a small referral fee.

Google Ads

There are Google Ads on this website and they are clearly marked. With Google Ads we have limited control over the ads that are placed here at Growthatfood.com. Because the ads are listed here it does not mean that we endorse all of the products.

Other Companies and Products

From time to time there will be other products and companies mentioned here on our website. With other products we may be part of their affiliate program. So, once again, if you choose to purchase the products after clicking on the link we provide, we may receive some compensation.

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