How to Water Your Vegetable Garden

This is a question that is asked a lot and the best way to water your vegetable garden depends on how big it is.

Watering Can

If you have a very small garden then it can be watered with a watering can. Very inexpensive and does the trick.

Garden Hose and Nozzle

For a bigger garden a garden hose and nozzle can be used. Be sure the nozzle is set to a setting that will not knock over plants when spraying.

Drip Hose

A drip hose works great for all size gardens and helps to save on water.

With a drip hose you can either face it down so the water goes right into the soil or face it up so that the plants will get a fine mist.

Gallon Jugs

Watering your garden can be accomplished by burying gallon jugs near the plants.

Take a used gallon milk container and put holes in it.

Once buried fill with water the water will seep out as the roots draw it.

Sprinkler on Hose

Sprinklers can be used for larger vegetable gardens.

A drawback with using a sprinkler is that it wastes water and cannot be used on a really windy day.

In ground Irrigation Systems

Although in-ground irrigation systems are wonderful they are also very expensive.

Great for medium and large gardens.

When is the best time to water your vegetable garden? Although this may vary from gardener to gardener the best time is usually in the early morning before the day gets hot.

Watering the vegetable garden does not have to be a huge project. Once you find the best way that works for you the watering will literally take minutes. 

Be sure to check your soil so that you will not be over watering or under watering. The better you know your soil the better you will be able to adjust the amount of water needed.

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