The Top 3 Pet-Friendly Weed Killer Products

As much as we love our gardens we also want to keep our furry friends safe when using weed killers.

Here is a list of the top 3 pet friendly weed killers available on the market.

#1. Jonathan Green Organics – Organic Weed Control

Pet friendly organic weed control by Jonathan Green Organics is both pet friendly and safe for children.

I have not seen this product in the local garden centers, but it can be purchased online at Amazon:

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This can be used anywhere that you want weeds to be taken care of including the vegetable garden.

Pros: Can be used where pets and children play. Safe for all types of gardens and lawns. Has fertilizer in the mixture to help feed the plants you actually want there. Pet friendly dandelion killer.

Cons: It is a bit pricier than the options below (you get what you pay for!) and not in liquid form.

Summary: Although it has to be ordered online and is a bit pricier it is still a great weed killer that will not harm your animals.

#2. Roundup by Scotts

Roundup is a very well-known weed killer. Chances are if you have been in garden shop or nursery you have seen this product. It’s even available online at Amazon:

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Pros: This is a lightning fast weed killer. The price is affordable and it comes in a gallon size container. These containers come with their own spray nozzle which makes things easier.

Cons: After spraying the sunlight breaks down the chemicals. Do not let your pets near the area that has been sprayed for at least 3 hours.

Roundup is available pretty much everywhere and it is affordable.

Summary: This product kills weeds fast and inhibits new growth. If you are looking for a commercial pet friendly weed and grass killer then Roundup may suit your needs.

#3. EcoSmart Ready-to-Use Organic Weed and Grass Killer

EcoSmart Ready-to-Use Organic Weed and Grass Killer comes in a liquid form and there is no mixing required. It is safe for both pets and children and affordable.

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The thing to remember is to spray the weeds when the full sun is on them.

Pros: The container is easy to use, and the price is right. For a 64 oz. container the cost is approximately $10.00.

Cons: For the tougher weeds it took 3 to 4 applications of this product for it to actually kill the weeds. If you are vigilant about spraying then it will work.

EcoSmart Ready-to-Use Organic Weed and Grass Killer is eco-friendly and easy to spray on weeds.

Summary: Works fast on ‘new’ weeds but takes multiple applications for weeds that are established.

3 thoughts on “The Top 3 Pet-Friendly Weed Killer Products”

  1. No, as this is a high-performance fertilizer product, not a weed-killer. However, thickening your lawn with Pet Safe Lawn Fertilizer will slow the development of weeds and crabgrass.

  2. Many weed killer products say they are safe for kids & pets to walk on after a few hours. However, my dogs eat grass… are these weed killers still safe for my dogs?

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