4 Weed Prevention Tips: How to Prevent Weeds From Ever Growing In Your Garden

Weed Prevention

The soil is ready and the planting has begun. Now just to figure out how to keep those weeds under control. The thing with weeds is if they get head of you it seems like a never ending battle to catch back up.

All too many times the weeds get so far ahead that we end up having to hire someone to help get things back under control. Taking weed precautions right from the beginning will help you win the battle against weeds.

Here are a few weed prevention tips to help you keep the weeds at bay. Weed prevention made a little easier for everyone.

Don’t Plant Weeds

If or when you decided to purchase top soil, mulch or anything else that you may put into or on the soil make sure it is weed free.

Packages of top soil and even some mulch will be marked ‘weed free’. Another culprit that helps us plant weeds are the bird feeders. If the bird feeder is too close then seeds hit the soil and begin to grow.

If your bird feeder is closer than 20ft to your garden it needs to be moved away.

Mulch to Keep the Weeds Down

Mulch can be purchased or you can make your own. For those who will be purchasing the mulch be sure it is weed free as stated above. For those who do not want to buy commercial mulch there is a very easy way to mulch your plants.

Put down a double layer of newspaper and cover with your grass clippings. When using newspaper as part of your weed control do not use the colored pages. Colored ink may be toxic and we do not want to harm the soil or the plants.

A couple of inches of grass clippings on top of the newspaper does the trick.

This method of weed control will keep the weeds down for about six weeks. This way of mulching also works with weed prevention in flower beds.

Natural weed prevention is the way to go if possible.

Yes, there are chemicals to do the job but these same chemicals can get into your food.

Pull Weeds as Soon as You See Them

Do not wait until you have a couple of days towards the end of the week to pull weeds. Weeds are much easier to pull if you get them out as soon as you spot them.

If you plan of watering your garden then wait for about an hour or two to pull the weeds up. Waiting until after watering makes it easier to pull the weeds from the ground.

Cultivate Your Soil for Weed Control

By working the soil you will be disrupting the root systems of the weeds. A hoe or a rototiller can be used to cultivate the soil. Just be sure that you do not dig or disturb the soil too close to your vegetable plants.

You want to uproot the weeds not the vegetables that you are growing. Weed control can be made easier by following these tips and good luck!

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